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Surfer & Waves Card share

Brayering Surfer As  promised a few more cards that I absolutely LOVE! A soon as I saw this card on Sharons Blog I knew 1. I had to have the Surfer Dude, 2. when I went to Florida I had to leave with one! LOL!!! A little obssessed?? Maybe? LOL!!

This was Brayering and Sponging together. Not bad for my first try.

I loved all the colors and layers and sparly stuff! Gotta have the Sparly stuff.  To get the Tutorial CLICK HERE and you'll go directly to it. 
Brayering Palm Trees 

The next one is also Awesome and don't ask me why I had a harder time with this one maybe my brain was on overload but between my Death grip on the brayer and over sponging?? But when all was said and done you really couldn't tell where I messed up. Well I can. LOL!!! For this Tutorial you can CLICK HERE and get it directly.

Thanks for stopping by! Make sure to come back tomorrow to check out the Builder Wheel Samples I have. Fun! Fun! Fun!

Happy Stampin',

Yvonne Metz
Vista, Ca.



Brayering Technique

Brayering Moon Here are the cards that I did while in Florida! Now if you haven't done this Technique yet it is SO a must! So much fun to do! Warning – you will get inky! ; )  I first saw this Technique at one of our Udderly Awesome meetings in Duarte, Ca. being demonstrated by Trinia Magana. Loved it!!!! Just never had a chance to try it out til last week!

Thanks Sharon for being so patient with  me! LOL!! I had a major Death Grip on the Brayer and I don't know why?? LOL!!!  Glad that wasn't on video it so wasn't pretty at all. Need to learn to relax.  It does take practice and lots of it to get the looks you want. 

Brayering Reflections Palm Trees But the outcome is SOOO worth it. You can get so many different looks. As I mentioned you will get inky but you can use thin latex gloves if you need to and you'll for sure need some Non-Alchol baby wipes for your Brayer.

Hope you enjoy the samples and tomorrow I'll be sharing a few more with links on the Tutorials from Sharon Field.

Thanks for stopping by and Happy Stampin',

Yvonne Metz
Vista, Ca.